Are Niche Websites Dead?

Are Niche Websites Dead?I have been hearing this question a lot for the past few months. With all the search engine changes cooking up at Google these days people are starting to believe that Niche websites are dead now. This is far from the truth. People are still making a lot of money using Niche websites and AdSense. Yes, the game has changed but it hasn’t died. In fact I believe no there is even more room because many people have stopped working on Niche websites thinking they are dead which leaves more room for smart people to take advantage of the market situation.

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My 10th Anniversary With Online Marketing – Some Words Of Experience & The Journey

10 Anniversary With Digital Marketing

This September marks my 10th anniversary with online marketing. I started my journey into digital marketing in September 2003 when I registered my first website, my first .com domain. I had started few months before September but I don’t count that. During this journey I have worked on all kinds of programs, started from Get paid […]

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Buying From JadoPado? – Read My Review Of JadoPado

MacBook Pro - Abdul Qadir -

For those of you who don’t know what JadoPado is, its basically an Ecommerce website based in Dubai which deals primarily in electronic items such as Laptops, Mobile phones, tablets etc. JadoPado started couple of years back and has grown steadily but more recently they have started to get their share of fame as people […]

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How To Setup Your Online Marketing Consultancy


Welcome to the 3rd Part of the Online Marketing Consultancy Guide. If you haven’t read the last part of this series please do so here So You Want To Be An Online Marketing Consultant? If you read the last part and you’re still here means that you have decided to finally dive into Online Marketing […]

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So You Want To Be An Online Marketing Consultant?


Welcome to the Part 2 of my Online Marketing Consultant Guide. If you haven’t read the introduction please do so Online Marketing Consulting Guide – Introduction so you know exactly what this is about. In this post I wanted to ask you a few questions before you plan to dive into this world on Online […]

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Online Marketing Consulting Guide – Introduction

There are many ways you can make money online but recently one of the most preferred methods for pro’s and newbie alike is Online Marketing Consulting services offered to local clients. Everyone seems to be talking about this, getting clients, closing sales, delivering services and growing. Services being offered range from Web development to SEO […]

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Is SEO Dying?


I’m getting a lot of questions lately by new comers in the Internet Marketing industry as well as experienced people who are worried that SEO might be dying and their might not be jobs left for SEOs after the next few years. We have been hearing this term for years now, that SEO is dying […]

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Discover How E-Commerce Can Make You Rich

E Commerce

I’m sorry! That title was just meant to make you read this post. I’m not disclosing somehow you can get rich overnight stuff here. But read on if you want to know how e-commerce can really help you attain financial freedom if done correctly with a planned approach.

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Four Elements Of A Perfect Keyword

Four Elements Of A Perfect Keyword

Everyone in the SEO sector is looking for the Perfect Keyword. A magic keyword that will bring money into the pockets of SEOs and business owners. I’m asked again and again by new Internet Marketers and SEOs what makes a perfect keyword phrase? So I thought about answering this question here on my blog so […]

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Top 10 Qualities Of An Internet Marketer

Top 10 Qualities Of Internet Marketers

Ok, this might be a little biased but I’m basing this article on a research on a lot of brilliant Internet Marketers I’ve met during my career and there are certain qualities that are existent in all of them. So if you are aspiring to become an Internet Marketer keep reading to discover that if […]

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